Is Renting a Car at an Age of 18 an Easy Process?

While drivers will get their certificate at time 18, it’s nearly another ten years before renting an automobile in any agency is a smooth process. Under the age group of 25 to rent a car at some selected agencies is easy as compared to other agencies. Generally, most major auto rental firms will lease to young generation youths who lie between 18 to 22 years of age, on the other hand some will even hire young individuals, but their policies in  car rents  include additional charges and certain restrictions.

Why It’s Harder to Hire an automobile at an age of 18

According to the researches it is found that Drivers who are less than 25 years of age are usually more vulnerable to get into incidents than older motorists and this research is according to Country wide Highway Traffic Security Administration info that’s cited on local rental car internet sites. After drivers achieve age 25, the accident rate declines substantially. Given the bigger risk of injuries, most rental firms tack on the “young renter” payment or surcharge for individuals who are underage group 19. Now the main question that arises is can you rent a car at 18?

Normally it is seen that if you are above 21 years of age you will be able to rent a car easily. There are few of the companies in Miami that allows to rent a car at an age group of 18 years with minimal documentation.

Car Rental Insurance policies at Key Agencies

The renter will need to have a valid license which has been in good status for at least a year, possess a appropriate debit or credit card and pay for a “Young Renter Day to day Payment.” But it is possible to avoid the cost through membership applications. If someone has AAA membership, he/she doesn’t have to pay any extra charges to rent a car at the age of 18. The surcharge may differ by place.

Companies like Hertz has policies that restricts individual who are at an age group of 18 from renting a car. There are certain categories of vehicles on which restrictions are imposed like dream vehicles or adrenaline series.

At some of the Agencies, the minimum age to avail a car on rent is 18 years, and an additional fee may be charged for those who are at an age groups 18 to 20. The common fee is definitely $20 each day, but it could be higher in line with the rental place.

In the same way, companies like Alamo hires a driver ranging from 18 or more, and the prices could be increased for those inside the age group of 18 to 22 years. Certain area of expertise and larger-sized cars is probably not rented to individuals under the or at the age of 18.

From the blog we can see that those who are at U.S. armed service and government workers and whose age ranges 18 and more won’t need to pay the motorist surcharge unless they can present that they’re on administration orders. It can be concluded that it is not as easy process to rent a car at 18 as it is seen from outside.